Joke Robaard

  • FOLDER PROJECT (1990–2020). During this period of time a series of sixty folders were released at the occasion of a research project, an installation or exhibition. The size of these folders stem from the panoramic images I took in 1988. Some came in an edition of 10.000 copies, sometimes 500 copies or in a limited edition. They were send to institutions, collegaes, friends and networks of people involved in a project. During exhibitions they functioned as hand-outs. They became the remainders of a trajectory, a mapping across experiences and events.

    View full list of folders, collaborators and colophon, displayed below in chronological order: folder 30 (DE SPLITSING), folder 32 (SMITHSON), folder 33 (De A37), folder 41 (TRAILER), folder 42 (STAND-IN), folder 44 (LONG SUIT 2), folder 55 (APPROPRIATION), folder 60 (DOMINO/B), folder 24 (WET SUIT)